A group of believers who are ALL IN to see a vision come to fruition

What does it mean to be all in?


The most defining step for anyone in church planting is the first step, the decision to step in to what God is doing. When we step in we harness the influence to encourage and call others to take that first step as well. 


Church planting requires a lot from a few to create and cultivate the culture and community that will constitute the church in the context to which you've been called. The Core Team will do the heavy lifting to get things going. 


Stepping into a church plant is an intentional step to live on mission. There are regular gatherings that occur in the life and rhythm of the church but one of the most integral rhythms is the scattering of the church into neighborhoods, workplaces, and communities. 


An essential element for any church to bear gospel fruit is for the members to rally around their unified identity and call in Christ. When we walk in lock step we display and convey the very character and nature of Christ who is one with the Father and the Holy Spirit. 

What do we value?

The vision points us toward the goal, the mission tells us how we're going to get there but it's our values that motivate us on a daily basis to pursue what the Lord has entrusted to us.

Praying Dependently

We desire to equip everyone to listen to God, praise His name, petition Him boldly, and confess their sins.

Worshiping Holistically

We will encourage you to daily seek the Lord, consistently gather with His people, reverently approach His throne, and solely devote their lives to Him.

Gospel Fluency

We will equip you to know, believe, apply, and have the ability to share the gospel.

Intimate Community

We will encourage you to be present in one another’s lives, caring for one another’s needs, hospitable toward one another, and transparent with one another.

Joyful Generosity

We will learn how to steward our time, talent, and treasure for the glory of God.

Missional Fervency

We will come alongside you to identify the people in your path, pray for them, discovering ways to engage them, and share the gospel with them.


If you would like more information about The Oaks Church and how you can join us on mission as a member of our Core Team, please fill out the info card below and we will connect with you soon.